From Xerta to Tortosa

From Xerta to Tortosa

Kayaking in the little islands tour

Very entertaining kayaking tour where we will spend time very fast. There are points on the river with different current velocities; different islands and stopping points and especially the great contrast between the calm of the river -shaded by riparian vegetation- with the arrival in what it seems a big city: Tortosa, from our kayak standing.

You won't imagine that this south Ebro could be so entertaining, especially if we know the sections of Benifallet. In fact, when we organized the kayak-orienteering (fun activity to find markers hidden in the river), we usually use this stretch.

After departure, we cross in front Masos island and also we visit Xiquina or Audi Islands, large nature reserves and vegetation and are protected natural areas in the river Ebro.

An interesting fact in this stretch is possible to stop in different villages or "explore" islands and transform a 2 hours tour in pretty more. 

So we pass Aldover, Bítem and Jesus, but not until the arrival in Tortosa (we stop at the rowing club dock) which you don't realise of the surprising contrast to the quiet hours we have had, with the usual bustle of a city like Tortosa. 

The tour leaves left the Massif of the Ports and runs close to some sections of the Greenway (Via Verda), the former railway route from Alcaniz, completely cyclable nowadays.

  •    Estimated length  : 
  • 2h to 2h 30' depending on the pace and the river flow.
  •    The best from our canoe :
  • Masos Island; Flat island
  • Aldover: amazing football field almost at water level. Nice shady spot to rest.
  • Village of Bítem. A 1.5 km from the Ebro. Surrounded by fruit.
  • Audí Island. Very large and spectacular from our kayak or canoe.
  • Xiquina Island. Resting place of variety of birds and emblematic Tortosa island.
  • Spectacular arrival to the city of Tortosa under the bridges.
  1. rates
  2. Adults: 25 €  Low season and non-guided tour20 €
  3. Children < 14 y.o: 20 €; Low season and non-guided tour:  15 €
  4. Children under  8 y.o always for free
  5. High season (15 jun to 15 sept.). Low (16 sept to 14 jun)
  6. Great discounts from 10 people groups or larger.

  7. INCLUdes:
  8. Briefing into technical, security and touristic;
  9. Choice of single kayaks , double, triple or quadruple if you have children.
  10. Vests and paddles.
  11. Graduate and expert guides accompanying throughout the route.
  12. Transportation back to the starting point .
  13. Insurance and permits to operate.
  14. And an amazing experience suitable for all